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Sigh…I can still feel a jolt of happiness when I think about the day that I received my first pin, “the membership pin”.

From that day on, I had to wear it during all club activities. In 2012, I became the club Service Director of the club.

I also had a lot of assumptions, till the moment I decided to give it a second thought.

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I realized that I had the opportunity to be part of something big. After my first meeting, I attended several club meetings.

Most of them were young professionals in their upper twenties with careers in different fields.

It was a fantastic mix and it was amazing to see how they exchanged thoughts.

As a prospective member (observer), I developed my understanding about Rotary and Rotaract and the “Membership Orientation Committee” was of great help.

They really guided, familiarized and assisted me during that time.

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